Low calorie healthy pizza

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog! This is my first post in forever so bare with me! Today I will be sharing with you my go-to low calorie healthy version of my all time favorite food, pizza! This is a highly requested recipe, I have posted this recipe several times on my social media and I have done them in different ways! Here is what I typically do and the different variations there are from your classic pizza to vegetarian option, I hope you find this helpful! (quick demo video in the end)

What you need
- Pita bread
-Mozarella cheese
-Tomato paste or sauce
-Seasoning, my go to are:
Garlic salt
Cayenne pepper (I like my food spicy)
Italian seasoning
(you can use whatever 
your taste buds desire)
-Toppings (this is really where the calories can go up)
my go-to is usually
red bell peppers
yellow bell peppers
turkey pepperoni
(not all together but these are usually the toppings I choose from)

Pita bread: I always look at the calories, carbs and ingredients. I have bought mini size before (make mini pizza as snacks) or regular size. I get my pita bread from Walmart or Kroger most of the time.

Tomato paste: okay this might be a unpopular opinion BUT I do go for tomato paste usually since it is thicker and lower in calories and sodium than pizza sauce. In the picture above is a pizza sauce I have used before but it's not my go-to. I personally like tomato paste better since it is thicker. Your choice!

Cheese: Don't we all love some cheese, to keep this low calorie and in then healthier side, resist the temptation to over do it with the cheese! Most of the time a serving size will be 1/4 of a cup!

Turkey pepperoni: Much healthier than regular pepperoni but you still want to watch the sodium and calories. I usually do half the serving size and its honestly good enough.

Veggies: Spinach is my go to I feel it adds a crunch to the pizza, if I do a vegetarian pizza I'll do bell peppers and spinach. You can add any veggies you want, the more the better.

Chicken: I love adding chicken to my pizza, I will usually do this if I have left over chicken from a meal  I cooked. I just take some chicken, shred it with my hands and spread it around. This will increase the calories but its totally okay - lots of protein!

For todays example I did one with spinach and turkey pepperoni as toppings and one with bell peppers and spinach

First step is cutting a piece of aluminum foil and spraying some cooking spray on it. This is what I'll use to stick in the oven, I'm sure you could just put the pizza in the oven on its own but I like using the aluminum foil for easy clean up.

Second step is placing one piece of pita bread onto the sprayed foil and adding the tomato paste. I use ONE tbsp and spread it around. 

Third step is seasoning! I am a sucker for spicy so cayenne pepper is always a must with whatever I cook. Feel free to add any seasoning of your choice. I used garlic salt, Italian seasoning, cayenne pepper and red flakes.

Fourth step is adding cheese and toppings! I added 1/4 of a cup of cheese then my toppings. The serving size for the turkey pepperoni is 15 slices but I only put 7 slices. Then I cut spinach up with my hands and put it on top. (spinach shrinks down once cooked so its easy to add a lot since once its cooked it won't seem like so much- good way to get your veggies in)

Fifth and final step is to put it in the oven! Bake it at about 325-350 for about 7-9 min. At around 7 min I go check it. I use a small convection oven to bake FYI

The one I am showing you today is right under 215 calories. The calories on your pizza can vary on the toppings you use!

Is it filling? depending on my breakfast and if I have been active I sometimes have one or two of these. I try to keep it at one pizza and eat a side salad to fill me up, it just depends on my appetite.

Video for those of you who prefer video 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, it is one of my favorites cause ya know I live for pizza.
Thank you so much for visiting this post! Feel free to leave a comment of other things you would like to see!
Love, Sal


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