3 of my go-to workouts to increase my HR

Happy Monday! 
Today I thought I would share with you all three of my go-to workouts that I do usually in between my sets during leg day and sometimes during my upper body workouts. I like to keep track of my heart rate to stay within my fat-burning range. I do use a polar watch during my workout to do so, but even on days I forget to wear it I still include some of these in between my sets.
For me personally, these workouts help increase my HR but also help give my legs, glutes or even arms a workout hence why I usually do these during leg day. I figured I would demonstrate and also explain them a little since I recently learned some of you actually try these out and I have received some questions.

Workout one: SQAUAT JUMPS - I honestly have a love hate relationship with these but out of the three workouts I am mentioning today, it is the one that kicks my butt the most lol

I start out in a squat position, and jump up usually throwing my arms back (some people throw their arms straight up but I tend to throw them back) and then landing back into the squat position. My tips for these would be to really focus on the landing by bending your knees down into the squat position and trying to land lightly not stomping down.
I typically do 10-12 at a time

Workout two: TOUCHDOWN SQUAT JUMP - I am not sure if this is even the name for this but its what I'm calling it!
The movement is squat down and touch down to the floor,  jump straight and bring your legs in, jump out into a squat and touch down to the floor and repeat movement. I kind of think of these like a squat jumping jack, they're pretty easy to do but will get you sweating after several reps.
I typically do 20-30 at a time

Workout three: PRESS UP SQUATS - okay I just made that name up my self, I have no idea if theres even a name for these...this was a workout I put together myself years ago but I am pretty sure other people do it too and theres probably a name for it, I just don't know it lol
This is my favorite and I do it 99% of the time I workout. The idea for this one was to work out shoulder/arms and legs and this one def. gets my heart rate up so I now do it in between my sets.

The breakdown- make sure weight is even between legs, I think a good imagery for this is to think your legs are planted on the ground (no jumping here).
You will need a barbell I usually use in between 15-20lbs but start with what you're comfortable with I started with 5lbs so start where ever you need to, to get used to the movement then add on the weight.
Press weight up in on hand (arms make an L shape)
Bring the weight in and turn arm in to press weight down in between legs
then repeat
What I find helpful with these is to not rush it and keep weight planted to stay stabilized
I typically do 10 each arm so 20 total

I hope some of you find this helpful! Feel free to ask me any questions!
feel free to save the video on IG to go back to it when you need it!


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