My first time in Nueva York

If you follow me on other social media, you know I took a trip with my sister to NY in the beginning of spring! It was our first time flying, visiting NY and it was honestly a great trip! Today I will be sharing with you all a summary of my experience and some places we went to that I would totally encourage you to go check out if you're ever in New York!

I am 24 years old and all of my life I looked forward to the day I got to finally fly! I have taken trips to local states like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida but all by car. I have been eager to continue traveling and finally take a plane to do so but as a college student I was broke as a joke...and still am! Now that I am done with school, looking for a job in my field (pray for me y'all), working more, I said this is the time to just go do it! Luckily, my sister and I found inexpensive flight tickets (shout out to vloggers who share how to hunt down a good price on flights) and we booked it as soon as we could!
My flying experience: We had a really early flight so we had to leave our place at around 4am, we got a lyft to pick us up and drop us off at the airport - the lady was super sweet and made a 4am lyft ride not feel creepy! We had checked in online so as soon as we got there, it was quick and easy to go through security. The security people were silly and it honestly went by so fast, I literally asked "that's it?". We boarded the plane and luckily it was basically empty in there to where we could later move around to another seat for more space. I wasn't really scared of getting on a plane, just worried about what my reaction would be since some people say it's no big deal, some people say they throw up or get sick every time they fly! The take off was fine, to me it just felt like a roller coater ride but the landing.........jesus.
Once we started landing, I all of a sudden got so nauseous, hot, and I really thought I was going to puke. Thankfully, I didn't and got off as soon as they allowed us to. We arrived to Newark, and took the subway to our airbnb. We wanted to get a good experience of this city and didn't want to always use a lyft or uber to travel around so we just went for it!
For the next few days we explored the city and even though we loved it all, these are my top 4 places I recommend people to check out.
Central park was so freaking beautiful and WAY bigger than we thought it was. We really wanted to rent bikes to explore it even more but we could not find where people were getting them from! Haha, we had seen some when we first got there but then said "we will get them later on" but never saw them again!
Top of the Rock gave us a great view of the city- really enjoyed the view and learning about the Rockefeller center! There were so many people when we went, but I found it very cool that majority of us were visiting/tourist so we heard all sorts of accents! If you want a great view of the city, I def recommend Top of the Rock!
Panna II Garden so my sister kept mentioning this place but I had NO idea what it was or what to expect. She mentioned indian food so I said, yeah I'm down. Y'all, I've never experience indian food like I did at Panna. First of all- there is a copy cat version of this restaurant below this one, as soon as we got out of the car these men pointed into the restaurant and basically rushed us in. I was very confused because they seemed to be rushing us to sit and order, and my sister had mentioned the upstairs area but the guys wouldn't really answer the questions. We looked at the menu and noticed that it was not where we were trying to go but the men there kept saying "same thing same thing!" lol we quickly left and went upstairs and let me tell you: This place is TINY AF. Lights everywhere, music, and as soon as we went in the guy said okay wait back there- pushed us towards the back of the room which was also by the kitchen and restroom, we had to slightly duck to walk through so you don't hit the lights, and we waited for our table and other two people who were joining us. We were finally seated (and meanwhile many people kept walking in and waiting for a table while this place has a 1x1 waiting room area! lol) we ordered our food, it was yummy, there would have random little party moments when it was someones birthday or something, there was a lot going on in that tiny room but it was so fun! If you love embracing cultural differences, and new experiences then I would say go check it out! If you care about perfect customer service and get butt hurt easily then don't bother. This place was featured on DareDevil so it has brought them a lot of business, so expect it to be busy.
Brooklyn Bridge was beautiful, had a great view, and a must go for us! We took the subway down, it was an easy walk to the start of the bridge and walked it all the way down. I had read some people walk it half way and turn around, we walked all of it and it honestly wasn't a bad walk at all. After that we walked to the 9/11 memorial and on our way there we stopped at this coffee shop called Amora Espresso bar I believe and the coffee was so good as well as the bakery section (gluten free friendly!)
We also visited MoMa, NYBG, West field World trade center, Times square...and the list goes on and truly enjoyed all of them but these are my top four recommendations!

I hope to be able to go back and visit soon, there is so much more to see. People kept telling me "oh New yorkers are rude than here in Texas so don't expect friendliness and it's super expensive" We honestly didn't really experience rude people directly, if anything I saw extremely poor manners and rudeness when in Arkansas once upon a time. I won't say people are super friendly but they just won't initiate small talk like I feel we often do here in Texas or smile at you. I felt people in New york were more focused on their own thing, in their own little world, in a hurry, to where that open door for interaction wasn't there. Where as here in Dallas, at least I feel, we often say hi to people passing by, compliment each other a bit more or create small talk. Are things expensive in NY? Of course but I feel you will spend as much money as you allow yourself to.

That is my summary of my first time flying, in new york and my experience there! I hope some of you find this helpful in some way or entertaining. On my Instagram I posted clips of my days there, if you wish to check them out. There are more trips to come, so follow me on IG and Snapchat if you want to see where life takes me next! @sallyjasmine

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  1. Congratulations on your first flight!! That's so exciting! Awesome tips, I hope to visit NY soon!


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