My 3 tips for a weight loss journey

Hello babes, is finally here....a weight loss related post. This has been the most requested topic and I finally have something to share with you all! There is so much information, ideas, tips I want to share with y'all but finding where to start or what to do first was my issue. For those who know me, you know I am super indecisive so this is why I struggled to pick what weight loss related topic to share first!
Today, I am sharing with y'all my top 3 tips for your weight loss journey that could help you be more successful. 

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, dietician, or personal trainer. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should consult with a physician or other health-care professional.
I am just sharing information that I have found successful from my own personal experience to serve you as inspiration, an outline and/or a different point of view. 

Motivation: Take a moment and ask yourself "Why do I want to lose weight?" Is it to become healthier, shed the extra weight off, be more active, look your best? Let me first say, self- love is one of the most important things I learned to apply into my daily life. Take a moment and point out what you love most about yourself, inside and out. I want to point out that "skinny" is not the answer to happiness or beauty. For the longest time my goal was to be skinny and I would think once I got there I would be happy. With time I have learned to love who I am for what I am. Appreciate what makes me, ME. I have recognized what I like most about myself and my goal is not to be skinny but to be healthy, fit and the best version of me. I would save the whole motivational speech  for another post though, I got carried away here- my bad! 
ANYWAYS, my first tip is to find what motivates you? What encourages you? Find what gives you that extra push to keep that motivation going during your weight loss journey. My motivation has been my friends, social media, and keeping track of my progress. Find a buddy to go workout with and to keep each other accountable or an online group you can share ideas and motivation with. If you are a social media junkie like myself, following professionals, fitness and health junkies has really helped me always see that daily motivation anytime I log on to any social media! Keeping track of my progress has motivated me to keep going and its a daily reminder of where I once was and how far I have gone in my journey. These are some things that really help keep me motivated but it is important to remember that we are all different and find motivation in our own way. Find what encourages you and go with it!
Set Realistic goals: This one is a BIG one, this helped me really look at this journey in a different light and it made more sense. I often see people say "My goal is to lose 10lbs" or "My goal is to drop down two pant sizes" yet they don't set any other goals to help them get there. These goals are very general and I made the mistake of focusing on my goals in that general sense. I started setting realistic smaller goals such as 
-This week I will try a new vegetable
-I will meal prep on Sunday for three days worth of food
-I will drink water all day today
-I will wake up early to have time for a healthy breakfast before I leave for work/school/whatever
and so on...
What these goals have in common are that they are more specific, shorter, and achievable. These goals are going to help you create healthy habits, routines, and help you change your lifestyle to a healthier one while also helping you reach your general big goal. Setting daily/weekly goals is honestly SO helpful and will help you change your lifestyle to one with healthy habits.
Educate yourself: Even though you are not a nutritionist, dietician, personal trainer or any other professional in the wellness side of life, that doesn't mean you can't learn about health and fitness. Taking the time to learn the different benefits and downsides in the food you eat, the proper way to do certain workouts, what workouts are for certain muscle groups, how to read the nutrition label, and so on is so beneficial so you know what in the world you are doing. If you want to make this into a lifestyle, you can't just go through it blindly, you have to take the time to educate yourself to understand it better. Google is my best friend, you can google just about anything and you get different sources to read up on. BE SMART though, I suggest reading from at least three different sources on whatever topic you're trying to learn more about so you get different views on it. Books, articles, professional advice and documentaries are a great source to learn more about what you're putting in your body, why and how you're using your body. I personally feel more confident in what I am doing because I am more aware of many things while I once upon a time had no clue on what I was eating or dong. 

These are my top three tips for a weight loss journey, I hope you have found these helpful in starting, continuing or brainstorming your new lifestyle change/journey.

Please feel free to ask any questions and make sure to follow me on IG and snap @sallyjasmine 




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