My must have makeup primers

My top 3 primer must haves!

Bonjour my lovelies, today I will be sharing with yall my top three must haves when it comes to primers! These are products that have been working great for me and could possibly work just as great for you!

The Porefessional by Benefit cosmetics: I’ve been using this primer for years and it is one I just have to have before applying makeup and it's also great to wear on its own! This is a balm that helps minimize the appearance of pores but also works as a primer.
I unfortunately have the worlds largest pores on my T-zone, and this is a great product to help blur those out so they don’t look so visible when wearing makeup. I usually just use this on my t-zone and apply it using dabbing motions. A similar product to this that I like as well is the TooFaced Primed and poreless but between those two I do prefer the Porefessional since I feel the Primed and Poreless sometimes moves my makeup if I accidently apply a bit too much. The Porefessional is great if you're looking for smooth out the appearance of pores whether you wear makeup or not!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: Where has this been all my life?! I had always seen this product being mentioned but never gave into buying it. I was given this primer and boy was I mad that I had not tried this before! This primer does a great job at helping your makeup stay put all day. I have oily-combination skin and the days I do wear makeup its usually for 8hrs+. I didn’t have a big problem with my foundation coming off in the past or anything but after trying this I have noticed my foundation looks “fresh” for a way longer period of time! I apply this all over but focus it on my cheeks and around my mouth since that’s where I tend to touch my makeup (while eating or when resting my head on my hand) the most. I feel this primer gives my makeup a longer glam-life and just helps it look better!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: HOLY MOLY GRAIL AOLI! This is my must have- all time favorite eyeshadow primer. I’ve tried various eyeshadow primers and this is the ONLY thing that works for my oily eyelids! I actually have complicated eyelids…lol…let me explain my issue....they are oily but at the same time a bit dry. If a primer is too thick or creamy, my eyelids look dry and flakey and after a few hours of wearing it, my eyeshadow will crease or come off. So I have found primers with a thinner consistency are what work best but this one is my ALL time favorite! I have tried the Urban decay primers that everyone loves, Stay don’t stray by benefit that many swear by and Air patrol also by benefit but none of them last long like this one does for me. I never have to worry about my eyeshadow creasing or coming off with this primer!

Those are the three must have primers for me since they do their wonders for my makeup wear and look.  There are many primers out there as well, as I mentioned some in this post. Keep in mind that these are what work for me , I hope you found this helpful and that you are able to love these products as much as I do. An example of this is that the eyeshadow primer Stay don’t stray by benefit is my sisters MUST have and she has oily eyelids as well but that one doesn’t work for me, or many many people I know love the UD primers but they just didn’t work for me. There are many great products out there to choose from and I just hope this post has helped you narrow it down to some to try out and hopefully they become some of your holy grail products as well!

Thank you so much for visitng my blog, I hope you have found this helpful. Comment below some of your favorite primers and remember, you can follow me on my snapchat and IG for daily posts!


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  1. I've heard a few bloggers rav about the benefit one. I really must give that a try. I have included a few of my favorites but open to suggestions from fellow bloggers :) Thanks Sally Jasmin


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