My 3 tips for a weight loss journey

Hello babes, is finally here....a weight loss related post. This has been the most requested topic and I finally have something to share with you all! There is so much information, ideas, tips I want to share with y'all but finding where to start or what to do first was my issue. For those who know me, you know I am super indecisive so this is why I struggled to pick what weight loss related topic to share first!
Today, I am sharing with y'all my top 3 tips for your weight loss journey that could help you be more successful. 


My must have makeup primers

My top 3 primer must haves!

Bonjour my lovelies, today I will be sharing with yall my top three must haves when it comes to primers! These are products that have been working great for me and could possibly work just as great for you!

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