Vice 4 Palette Swatches (Pictures)

Hello beauties!
Todays blog post will be a look into the new Vice 4 palette by Urban Decay!
This post will include pictures showing the eyeshadow swatches
photo and brief comparison to the previous Vice palettes
and more info about this new palette which will maybe help you decide if this is a palette you need to add to your collection or not!

So first I'll start off with my opinion of the packaging for this palette.
It is a slick palette with mostly purple toned cover (it changes tone depending on the lighting so it has a hint of purple, blue, greenish depending on how you hold it or the light) 
It has a small UD symbol and the word Vice on the right corner
Very edgy packaging in my opinion. 
Out of all the Vice palettes I must say this packaging is the best!
Here is a picture comparing the vice 1,2,3 and the new 4
The first Vice palette is really bulky and thick and is my least favorite packaging, the vice 2 has a beautiful cover color and I like the big buldging out, rock like UD symbol in the center, the Vice 3 packaging is nice but nothing amazing either and like I mention the vice 4 has more of an edgy look and is my favorite packaging out of all the 4. 

This palette also came with a little palette baggy or sleeve like the vice 3 did. This is meant to put your palette in, if I recall correctly only the Vice 3 and this new one came with one.

So lets take a quick look inside this palette

click image to enlarge!
click image to enlarge
click image to enlarge (;

The colors are so beautiful! I am honestly obsessed with this palette, it's what I've reached out for the most ever since I got it! My favorite colors hands down are bitter and delete I have a feeling I will hit pan on those first! I love the variety of colors in this palette, I feel I can do a dark smokey eye or a colorful bright eye. This palette is honestly giving me life when it comes to makeup looks! haha

I have all 4 of the vice and I have to say this one and the vice 3 have been the ones I've used the most! If you're a makeup junkie like me this is a must have if you're into eyeshadow!
If you're not so much into eyeshadow but want to start playing around with it this palette would be great to have since it has great variety in colors!

Overall this is a big YAAAAASSSS for me! Lovely colors, edgy packaging and honestly worth the money for all the very well pigmented eyeshadows!

This can be found anywhere they sell Urban Decay or on their website: CLICK HERE to be redirected to their website and see more info on the palette 

Retails for $60

I hope you found this post and pictures helpful! Leave any suggestions for future post down below, subscribe, comment down what your favorite palette is and/or your favorite shade from this palette is!

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