CoverGirl Full Lash BLOOM mascara REVIEW with pictures!

Hello beautiful,
today I will be doing a quick review on the new COVERGIRL Full lash bloom mascara! As some of you might already know, I do love mascara, I find it very essential for my makeup routine.
I was surprised by this product in the mail, shout out to influenster for sending me this to try out and review to see how I feel about it. I was very surprised to get this in the mail since I was not expecting it and I am big on mascara. I have been using this for over a week now, daily, so I am ready to give you guys my opinion on this new mascara!!

So this is what this little beauty looks like, cute pink packaging with little flowers around it. 
This retails for around $6.99-$8.99 and you can usually find CoverGirl anywhere they sell drugstore makeup such as walmart, target, CVS, Walgreens or some grocery stores that have a cosmetics section!

After seeing the mascara wand I knew this product was going to be good because it reminded me so much of the They're Real mascara wand by Benefit...maybe because I work for Benefit and I see that mascara everyday haha. The wand reminded me a lot of it, they're obviously not identical but do have a lot of similarities. Here is a picture of the they're real mascara wand

So off that bat you can see the wands similarity in having spikey looking little bristtles that are nicely separated and are really meant to comb through your lashes to seperate them and allow them look more lenghtened. 
Smart move, CoverGirl! I feel mascaras with wands like these are great to lengthen and seperate lashes making them look longer and wabam!! I was really content that Covergirl decided to go with this type of wand, I have used covergirl mascaras before and honestly have not been a fan but this one is def. different from their past mascaras. So enough blabbing, lets see how it looks on the lashes! 

so this scary picture is a picture of my eyes WITHOUT ANY mascara or product on my lashes. Sorry for the quality being not its best, I had to use my iphone! lol I tried to get the best view of my lashes. The top picture is WITH flash, the bottom without! So as you can see I have decent size lashes, but they don't stand out as much without any lets see the after with the full lash bloom mascara by cover girl

The TOP picture is with no flash and using natural lighting, the LEFT eye has NO mascara and the right eye has ONE coat. The BOTTOM picture is with flash with BOTH eyes having ONE coat of mascara. They look freaking great huh?! I am in love with this mascara!! 
As you can see this mascara made my lashes appear much longer, fuller and looks like falsies really, it made my lashes "bloom" and in the end that is what they were going for!
I would say one coat is good, I tried to add a second coat before but I don't t hink it makes much of a difference.
It doesn't leave my lashes "totasty" or hard like most mascaras which is nice but it doesn't leave them feeling super soft eather. My lashes feel like they have product but still feel like lashes...does that makes sense? haha!

Overall I LOVE this mascara
The packaging is cute
The wand is perfect if you want LENGTH
The price is SO affordable
and it does a great job as you can see! 

Like I said before I had tried two or three covergirl mascaras before and was not really a fan of them but this one is PERFECT, for a drugstore mascara this is pretty great! 
I would totally recommend you try this out, if you have any questions leave them down below I'll be glad to answer them!! 

xoxo, sallyjasmine 


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